About Paloma Foundation

The foundation created by Peace & Love Company has a simple mission: helping low-income children get quality education.

This simple statement has significant implications for the social development in the world. In Paloma Foundation we believe that education is the cornerstone upon which the personal development of every human being should be based. We want to promote the importance of each one of us having the right values in order to live in harmony and happiness.

Additionally, a quality educational process has a vital effect in changing the behavior of people for the better, it becomes a source of citizens who promote progress and break the vicious cycles that punish the lower strata of the population.

Paloma Foundation is a non-profit organization. Funds are raised through the sale of our bottled water "Paloma". 100% of the proceeds of each bottle sold, allows a child to receive breakfast and the classes for that day.

So every time you purchase a bottle of Paloma water, feel good: you made a healthy choice for yourself and also made it possible for a child to receive breakfast and education for a day.

Currently, Paloma helps more than 130 children in Monterrey, Mexico. Our plan is to take this initiative to a national scale in the short-term and internationally in the mid-term.

Address Esquina con calle Nueva Rosita,
Maclovio Herrera S/N,
Colonia Argentina, Monterrey, N.L. CP 64550

Phone Number 83-44-04-04